The exciting journey to protect Mother Earth begins here!!

The world today faces an almost insurmountable Energy Crisis. As our demands on Mother Earth keep increasing more and more fossil fuels are being burnt. Excess release of Carbon Dioxide has lead to Global Warming that threatens our very existence. Encouraging children to conserve energy as one of the ways to 'fight back' is perhaps our best bet today.

REACHA has trained more than 2,00,000 children, parents and neighbours in Delhi since the year 2004 through the NDPL Energy Club in partnership with Tata Power and Delhi Government. The same project is currently being implemented in Mumbai Schools as The Tata Power Energy Club.

Children do two projects as part of this Project:
1. CONSERVE, and

These are school, home and neighbourhood based and are linked with the self audit and assessment of the individuals energy consumption patterns. The eventual objective is Demand Side Management (DSM) that encourages consumers to rationalize and reduce their demand for energy consumption, thereby reducing the pressure on over-exploitation of natural resources - especially the fossil fuels that meet up most of our energy requirements.

Samvedna members as well as guest visitors are requested to get started on Active Energy Conservation through DSM.As we all join hands, results will soon follow and begin to make a tangible difference to our fragile eco-systems. Details on how to get started are listed below.

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