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here Will be some pics regarding energy saving !!


Only boil as much water as you need. Just 15 families doing this would save a tonne of CO2 emissions every year.


Fit fitter light bulbs Energy saving light bulbs can save you around £10 a year.


Don't leave your phone charging all night. Most phones are charged within two hours.


By turning your thermostat down just two degrees, you’ll cut as much as 10% off your heating bill.


Switch off your TV, Video, DVD or stereo at the set and stop wasting the electricity used in stand by mode.


Make sure your fridge and freezer run efficiently by defrosting them regularly and setting the correct temperature.


Filling the washing machine and dishwasher to capacity will reduce the number of washes and save you money.


Cover your pans. This can reduce the amount of energy needed to cook your food by up to 90%.


Save paper and save trees. For every tonne of paper we re-use, seventeen trees will be spared. Since trees absorb CO2, that can only help


Insulate your loft to at least 10.5 inches. The amount of heat you lose every year could heat three homes.


Always water plants in the evening. Watering during the day wastes water as it evaporates in the heat of the sun.


With boilers over 15 years old you can waste as much as 40p for every £1 you spend. Replace it with an energy efficient one.


If every home recycled half of their rubbish the UK's annual CO2 emissions would fall by up to six million tonnes.


Recycle drinks cans. The energy saved by recycling just one is enough to run a TV set for three hours.


Dry outside whenever possible. Reducing tumble drier use by just one load a week will cut CO2 emissions by 91kg a year.


Take a shower instead of a bath. Saving water saves electricity since water is pumped to your home using electricity.


Fix your leaks. A dripping tap wastes enough water in a day to fill a bath.


Keep a jug of cold water in the fridge, so you don't need to run the tap to wait for the water to cool down.


Food imported by air is a huge contributor to global warming. A kiwi fruit from New Zealand will create five times its own weight in CO2.


Close curtains at dusk. Stop heat escaping through the windows and keep your rooms cosy.

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