Getting Started

First Step:
Download the Energy Conservation DPEC (Domestic Patterns of Energy Consumption) form here. This is a pdf file. If you do not have a pdf reader then download the Adobe Reader here

Once the DPEC form has been downloaded and a print out taken on one-sided re-used paper, the following Instructions have to be followed to initiate the creation of an E-File (Energy File). For a Sample E File click here

1. Format A has to be filled up
2. Format B is to be used by students for a signature campaign with friends and teachers. The campaign seeks to elicit support for Energy Conservation
3. Format C – DPEC Form – is to be used for self audit at home and in the school
4. Format D is to be used to spread the good word with friends and teachers.
5. All Formats should be taken out on reused paper/one sided paper/written down on reused paper.
6. All Formats…A to D are to be kept in an Energy File. This E File should preferably have a cover made of re-used cardboad
7. The E-File may be periodically presented to the Teacher Co-ordinator for assessment/guidance
8. The Project emphasizes the urgent need to save energy as well as paper, on a daily basis through small efforts by each one of us
9. Teacher Co-ordinator is requested to incorporate the project work as part of their life-skills education in school. Suitable marks may be allotted to students in order to motivate them
10. JPEG snaps of this E File need to be taken and a zip folder created. The name of this folder should have the students Name + Class + School. Before zipping the JPEG images please compress all images in order to have minimum size of the zip folder
11. Upload this zip folder by clicking Upload your projects

Students are being encouraged to develop team spirit.

Such savings – energy as well as paper – need to be scaled up in order to have a tangible impact on Climate Change issues. We seek to involve school students across time and space in order to ‘make a difference.’

So lets get cracking. Have a great time doing your bit for Mother Earth!!

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