Energy Saving Tips

On this page we will be having Eneergy saving tips by various experts and peoples over worldvide:

Mohit Gupta

Well a great way to start energy conservation project. Let us all start from our home because there are many different ways to save energy at home and therefore we can save money, thus it will be benefitial for ourselves as well as will be good for our environment.
To start with the most basic tip that I always follow and make my parents also follow that. Why to switch on lights in day time?? Why not to use CFLs instead of bulbs and tube-lights??
Talking about kitchen, a place where lots of energy can be saved. While cooking why not to close lid of the utensil and cook at low temperature?? Why not to turn off exhaust fan after 15-20min of cooking?? Why not to make sure that the doors of refrigerators are air-tight??

Well a survey shows that following these simple step benefit in a long term view, either you talk about saving energy or you talk about electricity bills.

In this summer season everyone looks to keep there home as cool as possible. I am looking forward from all you students to post your ideas how to achieve this keeping in mind that we are here to save energy. I will be posting my views on this topic shortly.

Till then be safe and keep energy safeā€¦.


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