Energy Champs and Buddies !!!

The Energy Champs or the E-Buddies of Energy Club from both Manava Bharati School in Delhi and Him Jyoti school in Dehradun conducting the project based on collaborative efforts for saving electricity are:

Him Jyoti School champs are:

Manisha Joshi

Manava Bharati School champs are:

Ankit Aggarwal- leading the team and working on new blogs and gadgets in the site
Aakash Malhotra- creating new links on panel of new pages
Arjun Saxena- will acting on disscussions on pages
Muskaan Kumar- creating and working with polls related energy saving
Umaima Ehtasham-exploring world over enviormental projects
Udit Gupta- championing the MBIIS E-file presentation

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